Sunday, August 31, 2008

Precious New Niece....

Welcome, Little Sweetheart!
What a blessing you are! I could hold you forever!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Great Zucchini Explosion of 2008 Update

Present count: 67 and rising




Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sure Fire Recipe For Success


1 Lonely Country Road

1 Ice Chest

1 Table

1 Children's Handmade Sign

An Assortment of Fresh Summer Veggies Painstakingly Weeded, Grown & Harvested By Mom

1-96 lb. Black Labrador/Retriever Cross

3 Hopeful Cherubs Who Have Convinced Mom To Please, Please, Please Let Them Have A Vegetable Stand


Gather Ingredients from list.

Enlist Cherubs help in carting the ingredients down the mile-long driveway, ignoring the complaints that begin sprouting along the way.

Chase down 96 lb. Lab/Retriever Cross who thinks a frolic by the road is a grand idea.

Place Table and Ice Chest out on Lonely Country Road.

Tie 96 lb. Lab/Retriever Cross to Table Leg.

Arrange Fresh Summer Veggies in pleasing display on Table.

Painstakingly tape Handmade Children's Signs to Table, only to watch as the wind rips them off and sends them flying like kites down Lonely Country Road.

Take off at a sprint to try to gather them all up before they are blown to kingdom come.

Find all the Signs and bring them back, panting. Tape them more firmly to Table.

Chase down 96 lb. Lab/Retriever Cross who somehow got loose from table leg. Secure Lab/Retriever FIRMLY to table leg once again.

Position Hopeful Cherubs prominently behind Table, watching over them as they wave and jump and smile winningly at each and every car that drives by. Rejoice with the Cherubs when each and every single car honks back at them (much to the annoyance of the neighbors just across the road). Step back and watch out for the Cherubs safety when potential customers swing into the driveway. Watch each customer take one look at the hopeful eyes peering up at them and immediately succumb to the charm of desperate little salespeople.

Look up driveway and realize the Country Cats are heading down to join the party. Chase the Country Cats back up the driveway for their own safety. Give it up as an exercise in futility when they refuse to be herded. Run back down the driveway, panting again, to stand by the Cherubs sides so they won't get stolen by some crazy person.

Stand out in the blazing sun for three hours. Watch the Little Cherubs rack up $8.50 worth of vegetable sales and $10 bonus tips for just looking cute.

Call it a Wonderful Day.


Friday, August 8, 2008