Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pick A Peck Of Peppers

Peppers, glorious peppers!  We grew a wonderful assortment this year.  Jalapenos, Hungarian Wax, Sweet Bells of all colors, Banana, Anaheims, and more.  My favorites were the Yellow Bell peppers.  They had a crispness and sweet peppery-ness that was unrivaled to my taste buds.  So very, very good.  
Crisp and tangy-sweet, the flavors literally explode in your mouth.  And there is something about eating such colorful, vibrant food.  It is the way life was meant to be lived.  Ahh....
We had a banner crop this year.  I stopped counting but this is our final picking, done right before a hard frost was due.  My rough estimate is that we grew about four bushels of assorted peppers this year.  And at the cost of them at the grocery store, even when they are in season, well that is a pretty good payback for a 50 cent plant.

After a summer of canning, one of the things I like best about this particular food is that the steps to preservation are so simple.  (At least, if you have any left before your family scarfs them all down). 

Step One.  Pick them.
Step Two.  Wash them.
Step Three.  Seed them.
Step Four.  Throw them in the freezer in the container of your choice.  After they freeze hard you can vacuum seal them to eliminate freezer burn and frost if you plan on keeping them in there awhile.  

Really!  It is that simple.  

And after the rigors of tomato canning,  I think it is especially nice of God to give us food like this that requires so little work (personally I think it makes up for all those tomatoes).  

They are now cozily attending Freezer Camp, just awaiting the chef to select them for a delectable meal of stir-fry, or fajitas, or any kind of Mexican flavored cuisine.

So beautiful.  So delicious.  So good for you too!