Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uninvited Guest

What in the world is that up in our tree right in front of Chickadee Lane Lodge bright and early this morning?

A pesky raccoon! He mistakenly decided our big tree looked like the perfect place to snuggle in for a long springtime nap. He spent the entire day profoundly ignoring our many attempts to get him to vacate the premises and slept away like a baby for nine hours! Obviously this was a calculated effort to torment the dogs as much as possible, and I must say it worked extraordinarily well.

He checked out after dark (when the dogs were in for the night) and left quite a mess around the bottom of the tree, too. We do like our guests to feel at home but this is carrying things a bit too far.

However, all's well that ends well. The final tally came up to this:

Disappointed Canines who were really, really hoping to get in on a Good Ole Coon Hunt: 2

Relieved humans that the pets all had their rabies shots: 6

Chickadees who really, really think this whole Country Living Thing gets a little out of hand at times: 1

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