Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wise Guy...

Since the feathered ladies are really starting to crank up the Egg Production Line, I issued a directive to 13 year old dear son to make sure he marked the most recent eggs collected.

What I meant was to mark the egg carton itself.

What I got instead was this:

Wise guy....



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Anonymous said...

Visiting your blog after reading your post on SCS about being a slow stamper. I'm one of those too. (samme)

Admiring your lovely farm, flowers, lovely jeans on the clothes line photos and the chickens. Had to laugh when I saw a picture of the eggs though. Sometimes guys can be so silly when it comes to eggs.

My husbands name is Brian. I once boiled about half a dozen eggs, let them cool and marked them with a "B" for boiled and put them back in the refrigerater. When the hubby got home from work he looked in the frig and thought that I was dividing up the eggs and putting his initial on them so that he could only use the ones with "B" on them. Silly husband! After that, whenever I boiled eggs I put an "X" on them instead.