Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Have Parfaits...


I love making these "cheater" desserts (you know the kind...the ones that don't require any actual cooking but look good and are pretty yummy into the bargain). These gorgeous parfaits whip up in a second and are a great last minute 'eek! I-don't-have-any-dessert-in-the-house-or-time-to-make-any-either' item to serve to unexpected guests. I love the fact that they also (just barely) fulfill my personal requirements for any food that is served here at the Lodge (it must be pleasing to the eye, smell sublime and taste phenomenal).

All you need are your favorite fresh summer sun ripened fruits, your choice of yogurt or premade cheesecake filling from your grocer's dairy case. Fresh garden mint garnishes are nice too. Layer it all in your prettiest stemware (who says it has to be just for beverages?) and tuck a spoon in and savor the explosion of flavor.

I just love summer...



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Angela said...


You are ever the wonderful hostess and these look TERRIFIC! :)