Friday, May 7, 2010

A January Conversation With Mr. Chickadee (subtitled: Why I Have A Successful Marriage)

Mr. Chickadee: How big is the garden going to be this year?

Me: (blankly) What garden?

Mr. Chickadee: The garden that I know you are going to insist on planting.

Me: I don't know what you are talking about.

Mr. Chickadee: (Sighs.)

(A pregnant pause fills the air for several moments, then:)

Me: Well, how big do you think it should be?

MC: Well last year you said you were never going to garden again. You always overdo it and then you swear you will never ever do it again.

Me: (incredulously) I do?

Mr. Chickadee: NUMEROUS TIMES.

Me: Oh. Well, I suffered from temporary insanity. The glut of tomatoes and cucumbers overwhelmed me and I couldn't take it anymore. I was having nightmares that they had overtaken the house while we were sleeping. But I have since reconsidered my position.

Mr. Chickadee: So you ARE going to garden again.

Me: Well, probably just a tiny little one.

Mr. Chickadee: (snort) Uh huh.

Me: I am serious.

Mr. Chickadee: (feigns sudden and irreversible deafness)

Me: You never believe me.

Mr. Chickadee: (still feigning deafness)

Me: Never mind. You'll see.

Mr. Chickadee: (wisely remains quiet and buries his head in his newspaper)


Conversation is over, until we fast forward to March:


Me: So when are we going to rent the tractor?

Mr. Chickadee: What tractor?

Me: (Impatiently) You know, the tractor that we till the field with.

Mr. Chickadee: I thought you weren't going to have a big garden again.

Me: What are you talking about! Of course I am going to have a big garden! I have one every year! I couldn't imagine life without one!

Mr. Chickadee: (thoughtfully and quietly gives me a long, searching look)

Me: (smile winsomely and innocently at Mr. Chickadee)

Mr. Chickadee: (wisely turns and without comment goes to call the rental place to reserve the tractor)


And this, dear friends, is why I have a successful marriage. :)





Oakhill said...

You BOTH are lucky !
What a delightful post !

Jill said...

Incredible husband... and I imagine he is on another blog telling his secret of how he convinces his gorgeous wife to plant her annual garden:)

Candis Berge said...

Needing an update on that garden...