Friday, May 8, 2009

My Idea Of A Garden...

It's a little on the large size. (Around two acres).  We also have two small gardens up by the Lodge.  But we need a lot of room to have our market gardens.
That puny green thing is the trusty John Deere tractor we rent with Mr. Chickadee freezing to death on it.  This isn't like last year when we rented it and had a lovely warm day to play in the dirt. Today is so cold.  But when you are a farmer, even on a tiny scale such as this, you can't wait around until you are comfortable.
I love it when the ground is all tilled and ready to go.  We are hoping for another banner year of crops, with some more peas gone wild, or even more gorgeous tomato avenues.

Or some just plain, beautiful house gardens.

I can hardly wait.  But in the meantime, I am back inside.  It is FREEZING out and Mr. Chickadee, gentleman that he is, insists on being the one to turn to a frigid block of ice on the tractor today even though he is sick as a dog. 

Thanks, honey.


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Angie said...

Ang wow! Seriously!?! 2 acres? You are a MACHINE! Can you send me some of your energy????