Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Party, A Funeral, And A Broken Leg

We had an interesting weekend at Chickadee Lane Lodge. We started out on Friday afternoon with a double birthday party for two happy girls (imagine 13 screaming, giggling and excited young ladies and you get the picture). We then segued to a funeral two hours away on Saturday morning.

After the funeral, we all headed back to a nearby relative's home and the cousins all ditched their church clothes for play clothes, headed to the playground, and next thing we knew we were rushing one of our Little Cherubs to the nearest available hospital that could treat her
two hours away with a nasty spiral fracture from a tangle with a long metal slide. My poor, poor baby. It was a rough time for her but she was such a trouper and we were able to find a wonderful, fabulous doctor to take her on as a patient on Monday. Our hearts are much calmer now and we are sure our little pumpkin will make a good recovery now that she is under such expert care of the loving staff at Dr. Orson's office at Meritcare Clinic of Fargo. What a blessing they have been to us.

So very thankful,


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Angela said...

So sorry to hear about her fracture! Glad she's doing well.