Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Zelda...

At Chickadee Lane Lodge, we have a very special tooth fairy named Zelda. How she came into being is a little foggy in my memory since she has been around for years, but what I can tell you is that she has provided hours of entertainment and interest to our little world.

Zelda is a little bit zany, and can definitely be quite scattered when it comes to collecting and forking over the payment for those golden little baby teeth, but she eventually gets the job done. She loves the children dearly and is quite good about writing back and forth to them when they have notes and teeth left out for her. A dental pen pal, if you will.

The children are quite comfortable with impromptu notes to her, so much so that they often forget to publicly announce the loss of a tooth since Zelda takes care of that anyway. This, of course, results in a massive parents-to-Zelda communications breakdown and only gets resolved when the injured and ignored party finally decides to take their complaint to a higher court (mom and dad).

As a mother, I really, really like Zelda. One subject she doesn't mince words on is clean teeth. The children know that if they don't take good care of their cherubic smiles that they will have Zelda to answer to. Naturally, this means that I don't have to nag them about their oral care since they have a healthy respect for Zelda's tooth-garnering missions and they aren't about to jeopardize any future payouts.

Occasionally, however, things do go awry in the realm of tooth loss and financial gain. At such times the children have resorted to writing her rather pointed notes to inquire if she was ever going to produce a payment for a tooth lost several months ago that they have been hopefully checking in their little cup each morning only to be sadly disappointed (yes, I know, shame on me). It is tough to be a making opportunities are few and far between and they have to make the most out of what they have, you know. Therefore, teeth are a precious commodity and not to be trifled with.

Other extenuating circumstances have occurred as well, resulting in some fairly unique notes to Zelda to explain the situation, as seen in the following day-brightener that I stumbled across one day:

(Dear Zelda I lost my tooth and I can't find it! Will you still forgive me and give me money? )

(We were playing football tackle me and my sister and my brother.)

(My brother knocked it OUT!)

Whoever said being seven was easy?


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