Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Four Letter Words

I need to make a confession.

Although I may portray it as such, life at Chickadee Lane Lodge is not always perfect. Although it often feels as though we are living in a dream come true, we do have our issues just the same as any other family.

Take four letter words for example.

I am somewhat ashamed to admit it, but we have been having an ongoing problem with one in particular. Try as I might I cannot seem to resolve the problem.

I have tried everything under the canopy to change it but it just won't go away. The children have begged me and begged me to stop using it, but I just can't seem to help myself. I hate to subject their tender little ears to such language but what is a parent to do? I try to muzzle my mouth but sooner or later it just spills out and I am forced to ask them to do some work.

Their reactions are predictable though varied.

As soon as I utter the word, I can count on gasps of dismay. Some go so far as to fall over in a dead faint. Others cry out protests, sometimes in unison (I am positive they practice when I'm not around). One instantly conjures up phantom injuries or illnesses. Another plays the magician card and magically disappears under my very gaze (how does he do that anyway? Houdini had nothing on this kid).

Sooner or later they cave in under the pressure and willingly chip in and do their part. They are pretty good little workers too, and are quite capable of cleaning up their little messes (and big ones too). It's a blessing because the Lodge is a lot of home to take care of, not to mention the acres and acres of yard and landscape. It can wear a woman out and make her long for a day in which there is nothing to do but curl up with a book, some peace and quiet and some chocolate. Of course that almost never happens around here because there is always something that needs to be done.

I do however have a trick or two up my own sleeve. When it all gets to be just too much for me I simply announce that they need to get ready for some real long, hard work because the time has arrived for the annual (Pick-A-Season) Cleaning Day!

You have never seen kids scatter so fast in your life.

You know, maybe four letter words aren't so bad after all.

Bon-bon, anyone?


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