Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Swing Time....

This swing is another one of Chickadee Lane Lodge's little places to sit and gently soothe away your cares. It hangs down by the water off of a massive oak tree that I'm certain God put there just for this purpose.

There is nothing like curling up with a quilt on this creaky old swing with the breeze softly ruffling your hair. The sun sets in a riot of sherbert colors in the western sky across the lake. The fish jump, turtles peek at you while they swim by and the birds sweetly sing you a good night benediction.

We are so thankful for this little swing. It really only has this one purpose in life and is always standing ready to embrace us in its comfort.

Our little swing doesn't see much use right now. The seasons have turned and the weather is cold. There will be no more sunsets down by the lake for us until next spring, but the swing will still be there, patiently waiting. It knows we will return and together we will once again gaze upon this wonderful world...


1 comment:

tootles said...

Soooooooo many wonderful things I have feasted on; but this one take the cake ! I'm giving you notice.. LOL ! I may be over soon to partake !