Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Time To Be Thankful...

November 1st.

Typically this day after Halloween signifies the beginning of the full-blown retail glut known as the Christmas Shopping Season. Retailers clear their shelves of almost everything autumnal and pour on the holiday green. Thanksgiving gets shouldered into the corner as the mad dash to Christmas begins.

Not in this house, toots.

At the Lodge we have a hard and fast rule that no Christmas decorations can be put up until the day after Thanksgiving. November is a month we spend reflecting on our blessings, rejoicing in the bounty of our lives, and giving thanks.

So move over, Christmas. We're not quite ready for you yet.


Anonymous said...

Your decorating style is simple, traditional, unique, and beautiful! I just love your pictures and can't wait to see more!!

Chickadee said...

Thank you! :)