Monday, November 5, 2007

Not Taking Chances....

At the Lodge we have every personality type known to God and man all under one roof. I recently discovered this includes some pint-sized skeptics too. Case in point:

My seven year old daughter brought me a form to sign the other day.

This in itself was nothing unusual. As the chief autographer signer at Chickadee Lane Lodge, I have grown accustomed to a constant flurry of permission slips, assignment books, appointment and sick day notes being paraded past me on a daily basis. I had no idea I was so popular. I should start charging a fee.

But this form was different.

It was a book reading log that needed to be filled out every day for a month, upon completion of reading so many minutes per day. At the end of the month if the child has put in the required minutes they win a certificate good for a pizza. Very neat program. Very nice form. All that is required of the parent is to sign off at the end of the month on the bottom of the form (that is the best part about it).

So far, normal.

She took me off guard, sneaking up on me like that while I was busy with something else, thrusting her paper under my face and saying,

"My teacher says you have to sign this."

Obediently I took the pen she had prudently brought with and mechanically scribbled my John Hancock across the bottom line. (They know if they don't physically place a writing utensil in my hand the chances are not great that their form will get signed. At least that day, anyway.) As she thanked me and turned to walk away it struck me that there was something odd about the form. I called her back. Sure enough.

It was blank.

And it was the beginning of the month, not the end.

"What gives?" I asked, thoroughly confused.

A defiant and somewhat guilty look crossed her face.

"Wellourteachersaysifwedon'tgetourformssignedwedon'tgetourpizzas..." she said in a rush.

"But honey," I said kindly, thinking she misunderstood. "Mom is supposed to sign the form at the end of the month, after you have completed all your reading minutes."

"Oh, I know, Mom." she said, relieved that she wasn't in trouble and turning to walk away. "But I'm just not taking any chances."


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